2013 marks Linden’s 25th year of opening our doors to visitors.

DSC_8016For over two decades Linden has been available for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy pairing a glass of wine with bread, cheese and sausage. My intention was and is to say thank you to those patrons who make the trip out to the mountains in support of our winemaking efforts. For years, our deck and grounds have been a place of quiet retreat and contemplation, but in some ways we have become the victims of our own success. With the new popularity of Virginia wine tourism, Linden’s facility is often overwhelmed on Saturdays and Sundays. This level of activity has never been my intention for Linden. I want to return to a calmer, more relaxed, “Zen” atmosphere where we can spend more time with our guests. After much thought, I have decided that beginning January 2008, weekend access to Linden’s deck and grounds will be limited to those visitors and their guests who have purchased a case of wine within the previous 12 months. Linden will continue to be open as usual with tours, tastings and sales available to all visitors.

Case Club


Case Club membership is automatic to anyone who purchases a 12-bottle case at Linden. You will receive a membership card, but your name will be entered in our computer should you forget to bring your card on a subsequent visit. Our regular tasting fee is waived for case club members and their guests (A charge for the cellar tasting still applies).

Lindenbottles-300x200After tasting, Case Club members and their guests (no parties larger than four) may want to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy their favorite wine on our deck overlooking the vines and the valley. During the winter months the enclosed part of the deck is heated with a wood stove. We especially enjoy pairing our wines with food, and are big supporters of small, sustainable, regional farming. As a result, we offer a small selection of local artisan cheeses and a local summer sausage that pairs wonderfully with our wines. We make specific recommendations of wine and food pairings so that you can both enjoy and learn. Should you bring a picnic, we would be happy to provide you with some blankets to spread on the grass lawn. Since we are not a restaurant, we would be happy to recommend some great lunch and dinner spots in the area.

Case Club members receive advance notice of vintner dinners, vineyard updates, and new releases via e-mail.