Terroir and Genius Loci

It is a unique opportunity to taste wine overlooking the vines where it is grown. Tasting wine in situ gives one a deeper appreciation and understanding of the terroir and personalities that make up what you sense in the glass. Linden’s driving winemaking force is to respect and explore the terroir of our vineyards. We also strive to have Linden’s winery and grounds reflect our unique setting and atmosphere. Linden’s wines are restrained, understated and harmonious. This is also who we are. This sense is our genius loci, or the spirit and character of our place.

 Wine writer Michael Franz beautifully captured this in his article about Linden Vineyards for Inspired Magazine in Spring 2013.

What we offer at Linden

We enjoy receiving visitors and sharing our wines and our place. Preserving Linden’s special genius loci while remaining open to the public has often been a tricky balancing act. This makes Linden different than most other wineries in the area. In order to retain a quiet, restrained atmosphere certain restrictions have been put in place. These are not popular with everyone. You may find that Linden is not the place for you. Those looking for a more intimate and thoughtful experience will appreciate what we are doing. We feel an obligation to present both our wines and our place in the right atmosphere.


Linden offers tastings to all visitors whenever we are open. The fee is $10.00, but no charge to case club members and their guests. We love to share our passion and knowledge of our wines. Linden’s current offerings are posted on our web page under current releases. For those interested in greater depth, we offer on Saturdays and Sundays a special reserve cellar tasting ($28.00 fee). You can sign up for it when you arrive. We taste our single-vineyard wines and older vintages. It happens every hour on the hour from 12:00 to 3:00.


We give an educational in-depth tour of the vineyard and the cellar at 11:15 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The tour typically lasts 30 minutes. There is no charge for the tour.


Tastings are available to all visitors whenever Linden is open. However, in keeping with our ”quiet and calm“ philosophy, for those who would like to stay to enjoy a glass of wine, Linden’s deck and grounds are only available to members of our Case Club on Saturdays and Sundays. We regret that Linden is unable to accommodate everyone.

Click here to learn more about Linden’s Case Club.


The quietest time to visit Linden is on Fridays (except of course when we are closed on Fridays during the winter months). On Fridays our deck and grounds are available to all visitors (groups up to four only).


Not Permitted at Linden
Linden is a working vineyard and winery. In order to keep Linden small focused, peaceful and in harmony with farming and our community, we have limited activities. We hope that you understand and respect our reasons for this. We are unable to accommodate:
-Groups larger than four people
-Limousines or buses
-Parties (weddings, birthdays, showers)
-Food brought in from home (picnics)
In the evenings after 5:00 Linden reverts back to being my home. For this reason we do not rent out the winery nor hold evening events. We would be happy to recommend other venues in the area for groups or events.
Frequently asked questions:
Why all the restrictions?
About ten years ago increased visitation to Linden pushed us beyond our ability to maintain the intimacy, atmosphere and genius loci that we strive to protect. I was put in a situation to either significantly expand Linden’s facilities and scope of business or to put restrictions on what we do. I chose the latter. We love to educate and tell our story. Linden does not aspire to be a wine bar or café.
Can we taste if we are not Case Club members?
Our regular tasting and cellar tastings are open to everyone. There are no restrictions on who can taste (except that you have to be at least 21 years old!).
Should we make reservations?
Reservations are not needed for the tour or tasting. Once you arrive you can make a reservation for the weekend Cellar Tasting.
Why not groups larger than four, can we split up our group when we arrive?
No. Linden is small and intimate. Groups overwhelm our space. We kindly ask that this limit be respected.
Can we bring a picnic?
Linden does not allow any food brought in from home including picnics on our grounds.
Are children allowed?
Children are allowed at Linden if accompanied by well-behaved adults. By law you have to be 21 years of age to taste wine. This is a pretty boring place for kids.
Do you have Wi-fi?
Linden is in a dead zone. There is no Internet access and very spotty cell phone coverage. This can be incredibly therapeutic, however certain individuals may experience mild to severe anxiety attacks so precautions may need to be taken.
Is Linden Dog friendly?

Dogs are not allowed in the winery or on the decks. Outside on a leash is fine.