Linden Vineyards is a 4,000 case winery and vineyard situated on the Virginia Blue Ridge, 65 miles west of Washington, D.C. Jim Law, with family help, purchased what was then an abandoned hardscrabble farm in 1983. The first 6 acres were cleared and prepared for planting. The 1985 planting was from vines mostly from cuttings and grafts propagated by the vineyard’s own nursery the previous year. They included Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Vidal and Seyval. Our first vintage was 1987 and the first release and opening of the winery was 1988.

Linden Vineyards Ltd. is the winery operation. Hardscrabble, Avenius, and Boisseau are the names of the vineyard sites. All the wine is crushed, fermented, aged, and bottled in our cellars exclusively from these three vineyards. See Winemaking for more information.

Three vineyards supply all the grapes used to make Linden wines: Hardscrabble, the estate vineyard, 18 acres surrounding the winery; Boisseau, 5 acres, 7 miles west of Linden, and Avenius, 5 acres, less than one mile north of Linden Vineyards. Our first love is the vines. As we begin to understand soil, site and vine relationships, we are replanting with more appropriate varieties. See Vines for more information.

Jim Law

Jim is the owner of Linden Vineyards Ltd. and winegrower of Hardscrabble Vineyard. An Ohio native, he was raised in the 1960’s and 1970’s by parents who loved to share their passion for food and wine. Study in Europe and two years’ teaching of agriculture as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zaire (Congo) led to the desire to grow grapes.

Jim’s first vineyard job was in Indiana where he traded work for a place to live. He then got a real job in Ohio at Chalet Debonne where he learned the nuts and bolts of grape growing and cellar work. In 1981 Jim was hired to start a winery in the Shenandoah Valley where he fell in love with the area and viticultural possibilities. In the mid 1980’s, while establishing Linden Vineyards, he consulted for other wineries and taught winegrowing at local community colleges.

He is currently obsessed with growing great wine and happiest in the vineyard. When not amongst the vines he enjoys cooking, eating, and writing for trade publications.  See Jim’s Writings.


Shari Avenius

Shari is the general manager of Linden Vineyards and the owner/winegrower of Avenius Vineyard. As with so many small businesses, her responsibilities at Linden include: HR department, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Lab Analysis, Art Gallery director, and during crush, Pump-over specialist. She does all this in the afternoon. In the mornings she takes care of her own 5 acre vineyard.


Jonathan Weber

Jonathan is Linden’s winemaker. He came to Linden as an apprentice in 2010 with five years of experience already under his belt. He was asked to stay on at Linden as cellarmaster after his two year apprenticeship. He officially became Linden’s winemaker in 2016. Fully embracing Linden’s philosophy, Jonathan continues to spend more time in the vineyard than in the cellar.