2001 Late Harvest


Lush, textured, tangy and very sweet (15% residual sugar).


Pear, sweet cream, toast and vanilla.

Food Pairings

Rich, decadent main courses, such as foie gras or desserts that feature fruits — especially apricots, peaches, pears or dried fruits. Ripe triple cream cheeses.


Hardscrabble Vineyard (100%), Fauquier County, on top of the Blue Ridge at an elevation of 1300 feet on a northeastern slope. Deep, well-drained granitic soils. Own rooted Vidal vines are 17 years old (planted in 1985).


The 2001 vintage was one of the best we have experienced. Summer temperatures and rainfall were average, which kept the vines healthy and productive. Fall was cool and dry. This retained good acidity in the grapes. Harvest date was November 19, 2001.


100% Vidal, the grapes are frozen and then pressed while frozen. Only the first thawed juice is used (AKA icewine). The blend ferments slowly in new Virginia oak barrels and is stopped by chilling to retain fruit and sweetness. This wine becomes more honeyed and spicier with age. Bottled in Augst 2002. 206 cases (375 ml) produced.