Linden Update | February 2019

Ready to get going

This winter has been uneventful, laidback, and kind of boring. Just how we like it. Vintage 2018 took a lot out of us and extra time was needed for a proper recovery. We are now ready to get going. We are giving you lots of reasons to visit.

2017 Riesling released

Linden Evolution Seminars expand

Second Special Cellar Tastings of 2019

Jim Law at Field & Main Restaurant

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Linden UpdatesJim Law
Linden Update | January 2019


Snow is magical and we love it at Linden.

Linden Evolution Seminars | Reservations

Linden will recommence a series of in-depth seminars that focus on our thirty years of winegrowing. Reservations can only be made on Linden’s website. (No phone reservations accepted.)

Special Cellar Tastings | Reservations

In order to make your weekend planning easier, reservations can now be secured online for Linden’s Saturday Special Cellar Tastings. Walk-ins are also welcome if space permits.

Linden Wine Dinner | The Blue Door Kitchen and Inn

We are thrilled to have a restaurant of such caliber so close to Linden.

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Linden UpdatesJim Law
Journal | December 18, 2018


On Saturday, December 15, 2018 officially became the wettest year in recorded history for our region. This gave us winegrowers a sort of perverted sense of satisfaction, knowing that it is possible to produce serviceable wines under the most extreme conditions. We do hope the record stands.

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Hardscrabble JournalJim Law
Journal | December 4, 2018

Vintage 2019 begins (a bit early)

I could not resist. After so many dreary, bone chilling days, yesterday was the perfect day to be outside. Well aware that it is recommended to delay pruning until later in the winter, I started anyway. Pruning is every winegrower’s favorite task. It is creative, it is quiet, and it rewards immediately. It is what we signed up for.

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Hardscrabble JournalJim Law
Journal | November 20, 2018

Bottle Shock

In some ways bottling is the worst thing that can happen to a wine. A youthful, delicate, expressive wine in barrel or tank will retreat into a shell of itself after bottling. This widely recognized phenomenon is known as bottle shock.

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Hardscrabble JournalJim Law
Linden Update | November 2018

Free Form December

Winter slows the pace at Linden. After an intense and often stressful harvest season, we can now take time to get re-acquainted with our past vintages. For the last several years we have enjoyed sharing this process with all of you.

Terroir Project

The trials and tribulations of the 2018 growing season have consumed my attention, so it has been a while since I’ve written about Linden’s Terroir Project.

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Journal | October 29, 2018

Winter Worries (already)

The consequences of the wet 2018 growing season linger. Most noticeable are the leaves, still hanging on, but not exactly vibrant. The mountains lack their usual luster of fall and are slow to change color. Vine leaves are similar, with the top leaves now all gone exposing still green shoot tips that should be brown. This is the problem.

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Hardscrabble JournalJim Law