Linden Update | June 2019

Vintage 2019

Vintage 2019 is progressing well. The first milestone of a vintage’s success is flowering. This year’s flowering was early (late May through the first week in June). Conditions were ideal with warm, sunny, dry days.

Terroir Project

2018’s planting struggled to get going this spring. Some vines did not make it through the winter, as they were too weak after the unforgiving rains and lack of sun last year. The planting is looking healthier now.

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Linden UpdatesJim Law
Journal | May 24, 2019

Dry, Warm, and Sunny

Pinch me. When was the last time we heard this mantra.

Bright, dark green vine leaves. Firm soil. Dry socks. These are a few of my favorite things. After the wettest vintage on record we are especially grateful.

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Linden Update | May 2019


Spring is unfolding nicely. Budbreak was right on time. No frost, and enough (but not too much) rain. Wonderfully normal with no surprises, just what we farmers hope for.

Fortunately, this spring’s excitement is contained to the tasting room. Three new, distinct wines have just been released.

2018 Rosé | Silver Lining

2017 Village Chardonnay | Youthful Exuberance

2017 Avenius Sauvignon Blanc | Patience Rewards

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Linden UpdatesJim Law
Journal | April 17, 2019

Grafting Project | Linden’s Climate Change Trial Vineyard

Vine pruning is finished. Now the waiting game starts, although the vines are progressing quickly with higher than average temperatures. Young Chardonnay vines will begin bud break any day now. We’ll have a few weeks before the vines are at a stage were they need handwork attention, so now is a good time to graft our first vines for Linden’s Climate Change Trial Vineyard.

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Journal | April 9, 2019

Rocky Knob

We just finished a very successful planting of 1,400 Cabernet Sauvignon vines. The last day was grueling as the best slope was saved for last. This particular slope consists of a very large pile of rocks. And not much else.

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Linden Update | April 2019

Spring is late this year.

Chardonnay, being our most precocious variety, is the indicator of spring’s progression. No sign of bud swell.

No Expectations

Vintage 2018 was difficult.


Linden is now open Fridays.

Evolution Seminar with Jim Law | April 14

Jim Law will present older library vintages along with some yet to be released wines.

Terroir Project

Three years ago I started writing about the decision to remove and replant the vines growing on one of Hardscrabble’s best vineyard sites.

Special Cellar Tastings | 2019 #2

For those interested in adding more depth to their wine knowledge, Linden’s current cellar tasting is a classic.

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Linden UpdatesJim Law
Journal | March 26, 2019

Spring Transition

Spring is slow this year. That is fine with us. It gives us more time to finish pruning, tying and trellis repair. The vines are only just starting to bleed. This is the winegrower term for when the sap flows after making a pruning cut. It is a good sign: the vines are coming to life.

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Linden Update | February 2019

Ready to get going

This winter has been uneventful, laidback, and kind of boring. Just how we like it. Vintage 2018 took a lot out of us and extra time was needed for a proper recovery. We are now ready to get going. We are giving you lots of reasons to visit.

2017 Riesling released

Linden Evolution Seminars expand

Second Special Cellar Tastings of 2019

Jim Law at Field & Main Restaurant

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Linden UpdatesJim Law