Journal | July 9, 2018

Good Child, Bad Child

Thus far the rainy spring of vintage 2018 has produced vines of extreme vigor and unruly growth. I can’t remember the last time we spent so many days cutting out unwanted lateral shoots, leaves, tips, and/or suckers.

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Journal | June 4, 2018

Biblical Rains II

Angst. Intellectually I know that everything will be all right. I’ve lived through this before. Spring 1997 experienced this level of precipitation, and it continues to be one of the all-time great vintages.

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Journal | May 13, 2018

Viticulture Visits

Yesterday was a very good day. I spent a good part of the day shoot thinning Hardscrabble’s three-year-old Chardonnay…. While working, my thoughts kept drifting back to a visit I had last summer with a very fanatical winegrower in Barolo.

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Linden Update | April 2018

I’ve been delaying updating you about Linden’s spring vineyard activities.  Best to wait for spring weather to arrive. I haven’t yet given up on spring 2018, they say it will arrive later this week, so with great optimism here we go!

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Linden UpdatesJim Law
Journal | April 7, 2018

What the forsythia tells us

The first blooming of Forsythia was duly recorded last Friday. This is one of many important indicators of predicting, tracking and recording each spring’s evolution. Linden’s spring indicator records go back decades.

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