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Linden Update | August 2019

Singular Task

Last week’s heat wave accelerated ripening. Harvest will start very soon, but the peak of activity is still many weeks away. This is why September’s weather is so critical in determining the overall quality and style of the vintage. All we ask for is cool, dry and no hurricanes.

Grapes into Wine

Follow the 2019 Harvest

Linden will be closed October 11, 12, and 13

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Linden Update | July 2019

Transition Time

Late July brings a shift to the vineyard and to the cellar.

Patience Rewards: Bottle Evolution Seminars August 18 & 25 — Sold out

Wines constantly evolve during aging in the cellar and in the bottle. Bottled wines gain complexity and integration with time. So what does that mean? There is only one way to find out.

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Linden Update | June 2019

Vintage 2019

Vintage 2019 is progressing well. The first milestone of a vintage’s success is flowering. This year’s flowering was early (late May through the first week in June). Conditions were ideal with warm, sunny, dry days.

Terroir Project

2018’s planting struggled to get going this spring. Some vines did not make it through the winter, as they were too weak after the unforgiving rains and lack of sun last year. The planting is looking healthier now.

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Linden Update | May 2019


Spring is unfolding nicely. Budbreak was right on time. No frost, and enough (but not too much) rain. Wonderfully normal with no surprises, just what we farmers hope for.

Fortunately, this spring’s excitement is contained to the tasting room. Three new, distinct wines have just been released.

2018 Rosé | Silver Lining

2017 Village Chardonnay | Youthful Exuberance

2017 Avenius Sauvignon Blanc | Patience Rewards

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Linden Update | April 2019

Spring is late this year.

Chardonnay, being our most precocious variety, is the indicator of spring’s progression. No sign of bud swell.

No Expectations

Vintage 2018 was difficult.


Linden is now open Fridays.

Evolution Seminar with Jim Law | April 14

Jim Law will present older library vintages along with some yet to be released wines.

Terroir Project

Three years ago I started writing about the decision to remove and replant the vines growing on one of Hardscrabble’s best vineyard sites.

Special Cellar Tastings | 2019 #2

For those interested in adding more depth to their wine knowledge, Linden’s current cellar tasting is a classic.

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Linden Update | February 2019

Ready to get going

This winter has been uneventful, laidback, and kind of boring. Just how we like it. Vintage 2018 took a lot out of us and extra time was needed for a proper recovery. We are now ready to get going. We are giving you lots of reasons to visit.

2017 Riesling released

Linden Evolution Seminars expand

Second Special Cellar Tastings of 2019

Jim Law at Field & Main Restaurant

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Linden Update | January 2019


Snow is magical and we love it at Linden.

Linden Evolution Seminars | Reservations

Linden will recommence a series of in-depth seminars that focus on our thirty years of winegrowing. Reservations can only be made on Linden’s website. (No phone reservations accepted.)

Special Cellar Tastings | Reservations

In order to make your weekend planning easier, reservations can now be secured online for Linden’s Saturday Special Cellar Tastings. Walk-ins are also welcome if space permits.

Linden Wine Dinner | The Blue Door Kitchen and Inn

We are thrilled to have a restaurant of such caliber so close to Linden.

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Linden Update | November 2018

Free Form December

Winter slows the pace at Linden. After an intense and often stressful harvest season, we can now take time to get re-acquainted with our past vintages. For the last several years we have enjoyed sharing this process with all of you.

Terroir Project

The trials and tribulations of the 2018 growing season have consumed my attention, so it has been a while since I’ve written about Linden’s Terroir Project.

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Linden Update | April 2018

I’ve been delaying updating you about Linden’s spring vineyard activities.  Best to wait for spring weather to arrive. I haven’t yet given up on spring 2018, they say it will arrive later this week, so with great optimism here we go!

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Linden Update | January 2018

Frigid Farmer’s Worries | Winter Tastings | Wine Dinners

Our farmer’s worries have started early this vintage as we watch the mercury drop. Temperatures below zero can damage vines. But it is complicated. Long story short, we should be OK with this current bout of arctic air.

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Linden Update | November 2017

It was a Very Good Year | Terroir Project | Free Form December | 6th Annual Linden & RdV Wine Dinner

2017 will be our benchmark vintage for decades to come. This is one of the rare years where both whites and reds were harvested with high expectations.

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Linden Update | August 2017

The Vines | Terroir Project

After a very dry June and July our vines were in need of a good rain. An inch or two would have been great, but in just a few hours on August 11 we received 3.5 inches. This ended the drought and refreshed our stressed young vines.

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Linden Update | July 2017

Classic Mid-Atlantic Summer

Most of you live in the area and have been experiencing our classic Mid-Atlantic summer. You may wonder how the vines are doing with the heat, humidity and lack of rain. The short answer is “fine”. The longer version is “it depends”.

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