2003 Riesling Vidal


Tangy tangerine, pineapple and mango with a crisp acidity and more sweetness (3% residual sugar) than previous vintages to balance out the high acidity of the 2003 growing season.


Lots of peach and apricot. Some floral notes. Very pungent. Flinty when young.

Food Pairings

Asian cuisine, spicy sausage, late summer picnic foods and anything prepared with fresh ginger.


2003 was a challenging year with persistent cloud cover and rains through harvest. Sugars were low and acids high, but this gave the Riesling-Vidal pretty perfume and mineral notes on the finish. Harvest dates were: Riesling -October 7; Vidal – Oct. 25, 2003.


2003 was a cool, wet growing season. The Vidal grapes handled the rain well and produced grapes with good aromatics and bright acidity. Harvest date was November 17, 2003.


The goal is to retain the fresh fruit characteristics of each grape. Riesling contributes aroma, tropical fruit and acidity; Vidal gives spice and structure. The blend is cold fermented. Fermentation is stopped by chilling when the residual sweetness is in balance with the fruit and acidity. Because of the natural high acidty and lower than normal sugars, the wine was left with higher residual sugar and lower alcohol (8.7%). The wine is bottled in late winter and is immediately ready to drink. 516 cases produced.