2011 Seyval


Fresh, fruity entry, then dry and saline with a lemon zest finish.


Lemongrass, citrus rind, candied orange slice and crushed oyster shells.

Food Pairing

Steamed mussels in white wine, fresh water fish with lemon and dill, or shrimp cocktail a la 1960’s style.


Hardscrabble Vineyard (1.0 acre of Seyval) on the Blue Ridge at an elevation of 1200 feet keeps temperatures as cool as possible and preserves crisp, clean fruit aromas. Well drained shale and silt clay loam. Vineyard trained to both Lyre and VSP. Yields were 3 tons per acre. Vine ages 22 and 27 years.


Unlike the rest of the crop, 2011 was a very good vintage for Seyval. This is because Seyval grapes ripen early and in the case of 2011, they were picked before the rains of September settled in.

For Seyval, the growing season of 2011 was close to perfect with dry, warm conditions all summer. Vines were in good balance with a little water stress by late August. Seyval grapes had concentrated and expressive flavor profiles. Harvest was August 24, 2011.


Grapes are hand sorted before crushing and pressing. Cold fermentation preserves the freshness of the grape. No oak is used. Seyval is bottled in the winter and is ready to drink by summer. Residual CO2 from fermentation gives the wine a bit of spritz. It is best when consumed within two to three years of bottling when it is fresh and lively. 253 cases produced.

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