Journal | October 1, 2016

Hardscrabble Journal

Picking up the Pieces

We are taking a break after a tremendously exhausting, but satisfying week. Break is relative. While harvest and crush are on hold as gloomy weather still prevails, the cellar is very much alive and needs a lot of attention. Red pump-overs are requiring up to three hours every morning and evening. Jonathan, visibly worn out, is staying on top of white and rosé fermentations, is constantly moving rack heavy racks of barrels to different temperature zones in the cellar. It is 5:23 am, and he just drove up, past my house, to the winery. I have no idea how late he stayed last night. I’ve heard of winemakers setting up cots in the tasting room. Probably true.

This is when the temptation to take shortcuts rears its ugly head: “Lets skip the evening pump-over. Don’t worry, the Chardonnay fermentations will be OK even though the barrels are cooling down too quickly. We’ll clean up that mess tomorrow. The rose is a bit stinky, but I’m sure that aroma will blow off eventually.”  Deep breath, lots of coffee, second wind, and the knowledge that we have some really good wines in evolution, fuels our internal fire. Just a bit longer.

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