New Releases | June 2017

Sauvignon Blanc

“Summer time. The living is easy. Fish are jumping, the cotton is high”………and the sauvignon blanc is released.
So sorry for the delay, but the Linden 2016 Sauvignon Blanc is now available. It took a bit longer than usual to recover from bottle shock. Bottle shock is the winemaker’s term for newly bottled wines that temporarily close down. Their aromas become mute and their texture disjointed. There are several scientific explanations as to why this might happen. I’m not a scientist. A young wine has spent its life evolving quietly and comfortably in a barrel or tank. All of a sudden it is forced through hoses, down spouts, splashing into bottles then sealed with the rude thrust of a cork. Wouldn’t you be in shock?
This is Linden’s first release of a 2016 vintage white wine. It is "2016": a warm dry harvest that resulted in very fruit forward, lush, and poised wines. Perhaps earlier drinking than a more classic year. Just in time for the beach.

Jim Law