New Releases | August 2017

This coming weekend is traditionally one of our slowest in terms of visitors. I suppose everyone is saving up their energy for Labor Day’s beer and hot dogs. So we will entice you to start an early and more cultured hedonism with four new wine releases. As of Friday, August 25 we will be introducing:

2016 Riesling

This is not a typo. It’s all Riesling, no Vidal. A first for Linden Vineyards. Restrained and dry, this is not your mother-in law’s kind of Riesling. To find out why the exclusion of Vidal you’ll have to drive out to Linden to get the full story. (Shameless marketing ploy).

2015 Petit Verdot

This is our attempt to tame the beast. Petit Verdot can be pretty rustic with high alcohol and unforgiving gnarly, gritty tannins. 2015 presented us with grapes that needed a kinder, gentler extraction during fermentation. Jonathan intuitively felt that our traditional aging in oak barrels would take away from the wine’s best attribute: its freshness and forward fruit. Hence most of the wine was aged in stainless steel and bottled early. This is a new direction for us. Tell us what you think.

2015 Hardscrabble Chardonnay

A very classical style, it has a good amount of weight, concentration, and length. This is a slightly early release, but I feel compelled to have this vintage available for the cool, low humid evenings that are about to descend upon us. Roast a chicken and search for your sweater. The power of positive thinking.

2014 Boisseau Red

This is a compromise for those of you who continue to nag me about bottling another varietal Cabernet Franc. It is a blend, but the lead grape is Cabernet Franc, and more to the point, this bottling has a lot of Cabernet Franc characteristics. On the weekends we’ll be tasting this 2014 along side the 2013 Boisseau Red in the cellar.

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