Journal | December 4, 2018

Hardscrabble Journal

Vintage 2019 begins (a bit early)

I could not resist. After so many dreary, bone chilling days, yesterday was the perfect day to be outside. Well aware that it is recommended to delay pruning until later in the winter, I started anyway. Pruning is every winegrower’s favorite task. It is creative, it is quiet, and it rewards immediately. It is what we signed up for.

Pruning is the first of many decisions for the coming vintage. Each vine is an individual. In a matter of seconds the pruner evaluates the vine’s form and last year’s vigor. Then the cuts are executed. Form always trumps function. Sometimes the pruning has to be severe in order to maintain the shape and future productivity of the vine. This may result in a smaller yield for the coming season, but it ensures vine longevity. 

Vine age, variety, soil capacity, planting density, and wine style are all taken into account. It would be impossible to explain, yet it becomes intuitive with experience. Simultaneously relaxing and intellectual, what could be better than pruning?

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