New Releases | May 2018

Rosé 2017

We couldn’t have spring without the release of a new vintage of Rosé. This is Linden’s first release of a 2017 vintage wine.  The 2017 Rosé is back to a more traditional Linden style with crisp acidity and a bit of tannin firmness on the finish. It reflects and respects the growing season and gives you a sneak preview as to what to expect with future 2017 vintage wine releases. We still have a bit of the 2016 vintage available for those who prefer a more plush style.

Avenius Red 2014

With wine, patience is a virtue that is greatly rewarded. The red wines of the 2014 vintage have taken their time in harmonizing after bottling. Every month we would pull corks and see how they are evolving. Finally the 2014 Avenius woke up and spoke to us. This is what I call a “come hither” wine. Its complexity and layers keep drawing you in. This is a wine of contemplation and will only be sold to those who promise to open it under ideal conditions of reverence and quietude. Just kidding, sort of.

New ReleasesJim Law