Journal | March 26, 2019

Hardscrabble Journal

Spring Transition

Spring is slow this year. That is fine with us. It gives us more time to finish pruning, tying, and trellis repair. The vines are only just starting to bleed. This is the winegrower term for when the sap flows after making a pruning cut. It is a good sign: the vines are coming to life.

The ground has dried out enough to drive in the vineyard. This is a luxury that we haven’t experienced for some time. Walking uphill with heavy outer clothing and “moon” boots while carrying tools was getting old. The tractor is now able to run between rows mulching vine cuttings into small pieces for quicker decomposition.

Entertainment is provided by Canada geese on the pond. Turf wars make for some dramatic engagements. The winners get to nest on the bank. But the fox has historically been more of a problem than I care to write about.

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