Journal | August 22, 2019

Hardscrabble Journal

Cautiously Optimistic

All the usual signs are pointing towards a very good vintage for 2019. The vines and clusters are healthy. Numbers (sugar and acid) are good. Very little rain. However I’m restraining my enthusiasm. At least for now. My concern has been the heat. Our best white wine vintages come from cooler Septembers. This hot August has accelerated ripening. We may start picking next week.

When white grapes ripen under cool conditions they retain more acidity and aroma. This contributes to the energy or minerality of wines. This is why the most prestigious white wines come from cooler regions.

Fortunately for Linden, most of our whites (especially Chardonnay) are planted on cooler east facing slopes at high elevation. Also, older vines will ripen much later than young vines. So even though we may start the harvest with some young vine Sauvignon Blanc, most of the harvest is still weeks away.

The forecast is for much cooler temperatures. This would be a relief.

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