Journal | Follow the 2019 Harvest | August 29, 2019

Hardscrabble Journal

Looking Ahead

Chardonnay harvest at Avenius and Hardscrabble is still weeks away, but we are starting to zero in on strategies now.

In the morning berry samples were taken from several blocks. The berries did not separate from the cluster stem easily, they were very firm, and skins were thick. These are all signs that we have a long way to go. I was getting a bit concerned that ripening was too slow given the almost ideal weather. Then I remembered that it is still only August. We usually harvest Chardonnay in mid to late September.

Shari ran the lab analysis on all the samples. The results showed that we still have some time before any picking window presents itself. This is how we use the lab numbers. Monitoring sugar, acid and pH gives an indication of physiological ripening. But they tell us nothing about flavor development, concentration and quality of acidity.

After running lab tests on the juice, I taste the samples, writing notes on aromas, texture and finish. At this stage the aromas are transitioning from sweet pea (under ripe) to green apple. Texturally they are still lean. They finish with a malic acid tartness, but the impression of the acidity is no longer as bracing as last week’s samples.

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