Journal | Follow the 2019 Harvest | September 7, 2019

Hardscrabble Journal

In the Groove

So far this has been a very, very good September for harvesting grapes. Better yet this means really good wine. All we got from Dorian were a few stiff breezes. Harvest has been fabulously uneventful. Pick. Crush. Sleep. Repeat.

A steady flow of grapes becomes a logistical game of chess in the cellar as the number of empty tanks dwindle. Soon we will be filling barrels with 2019 Chardonnay. Barrel fermentation requires a very watchful eye as each barrel has its own trajectory and needs to be monitored. Time becomes our most precious commodity. Jonathan is our “strong back,” but he is also winemaker. His attention now has to focus more on fermentations and cellar logistics, sometimes leaving us down an important man for harvest and crush.

Being tired, hungry, and achy is so much more rewarding when bringing in great-tasting fruit. Today we pick Avenius Sauvignon Blanc and a small block of young vine Hardscrabble Chardonnay. Sunday they will be pressed out into juice, then Monday is Riesling harvest. Still lots of Hardscrabble Chardonnay on the vines, just waiting to get a bit riper.

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