Journal | Follow the 2019 Harvest | October 2, 2019

Hardscrabble Journal

Last Day of Harvest

Yesterday we picked our last grapes under a hot October sun. Petit Manseng and Vidal Blanc are two varieties that were planted with the intention of making special sweet Late Harvest wines. For several decades this worked out quite well, but with climate change, the weather often dictates a drier style wine. Linden’s late harvest used to occur in November. But lately, warmer growing seasons have accelerated ripening and dropped grape acidity in a way that makes this style of wine inappropriate.

Climate is what you plan for, weather is what you get. Hardscrabble, Linden’s home vineyard, was planted in 1985. Plans have had to change. The vineyard has reflected this with many of the original blocks removed and replanted, or in the case of yesterday’s harvest, wine style reinvented.

2019 was a very good vintage. I’ll withhold final judgment until winter, once the young wines settle down and begin to unveil their personalities. I am less confident than usual about any kind of vintage declaration. Climate change is bringing a slow shift in style for both reds and whites. It is not a direction of intention, but rather one of reaction. Unpredictability breeds caution.

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