2000 Vintage

A cool wet year that was saved by a warm, sunny spell beginning in mid-September. Growing conditions during the summer were difficult due to persistent cool, cloudy weather. Although measured precipitation was only slightly higher than normal, the rains were light and constant as opposed to the more typical summer thunderstorms. Early white varieties such as Seyval and Sauvignon Blanc suffered the most, but Chardonnay and Vidal along with the reds fared much better.

The whites generally lack the typical Linden minerality and precision. Two exceptions would be the Hardscabble Chardonnay and the Late Harvest (Vidal), both of which benefited from some desirable botrytis influence. Drink soon.

The reds lack concentration, but have good balance. The Glen Manor and Hardscrabble consist of approximately 50% Petit Verdot, which gives them structure, acidity, and longevity. Drink the Red 2000 soon. The Glen Manor and Hardscrabble will age nicely for several years, up to 2010.

Jim Law