Linden Update | April 2017

An Unsettled Spring

2017 will be my 38th vintage. In the 1980s the idea of climate change seemed too futuristic to have any real consequences in my lifetime. Now it is here and having a more dramatic impact than I thought. It’s not so much the warming, it’s the extremes and fluctuations that can cause havoc to any farming endeavor.

Our weather cycles of the past few months have been disorienting.  A normal, average April would be a welcome respite.  I am worried about some possible damage from the very cold temperatures of mid-March. Normally a cold snap in the mid-teens would not be an issue. However, coming on the heels of our February false spring, the sap was flowing and the vines were thinking winter was over.

There is no evidence of any damage at this point, but the true test will come in May when the first flush of new growth begins. We’ll be hoping that the shoots are vigorous and robust. However, if some vines are slow and stunted, they could collapse when the heat of the summer starts.


Beginning April 7 Linden will be open on Fridays (in addition to Saturdays and Sundays). If you are looking for a quiet, reflective visit, then Fridays are for you!

Wine Dinners

Two Linden Wine Dinners are scheduled for this spring. I hope to see you there.
Friday, April 7
Glen Gordon Manor
Hume, Virginia
(540) 636-6010

Wednesday, May 3
Restaurant Eve
Alexandria, Virginia
(703) 706-0450

Jim Law