Linden Update | February 2019

Ready to get going

This winter has been uneventful, laidback, and kind of boring. Just how we like it. Vintage 2018 took a lot out of us and extra time was needed for a proper recovery. We are now ready to get going. Pruning is well underway. Preparations are being made for planting and grafting. The cellar will soon be active with bottling.

And we are giving you lots of reasons to visit.


Patience rewards: 2017 Riesling released

2017 was special. We’ve been delaying releasing wines from this vintage, as they have required more time in the bottle to harmonize and blossom. That time has arrived.

There is less than an acre of Riesling here at Hardscrabble. The vines were planted in 1997. The vines have reached an age where their wines express more depth and minerality. So we have obliged by redirecting Linden’s Riesling style from fruit driven and slightly sweet to racy, wound up, and dry.

The Linden Vineyards Library

The Linden Vineyards Library

Linden Evolution Seminars Expand

The Linden Evolution Seminars on Sunday have been very successful, so we are expanding our offerings to include more diversity.

  • Jim Law will continue to focus on the evolution of Hardscrabble wines.

  • Shari Avenius will guide participants through flights of mature and pre-release Avenius Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and reds.

  • Linden winemaker Jonathan Weber will present new bottlings of the 2016 and 2017 vintages along with some barrel tasting of wines aging in the cellar.

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The Linden Vineyards Cellar

The Linden Vineyards Cellar

Special Cellar Tastings | 2019 #2

For those interested in adding more depth to their wine knowledge, Linden’s current cellar tasting is a classic. We are presenting three very different vintages of Hardscrabble Chardonnay, then a terroir comparison of all three single vineyard 2015 reds. 2011 Late Harvest Vidal finishes the tasting.

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Jim Law at Field & Main Restaurant

Thursday, March 21, 2019, 6:30pm

Jim and F&M sommelier Neal Wavra, wanting to provide a wine experience with depth, decided to break out of the classic wine dinner mold. The result is more thorough sharing of information and exploration of wine. The event on March 21 will start with a seminar led by Jim Law, featuring three Linden wines and equivalent inspirational benchmark wines from around the world. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of Law’s winemaking and how the wines relate to the larger context of the world of wine. After the seminar, guests will be treated to a family style meal prepared by Chef Anthony, featuring additional Linden wines. Spaces are limited and are offered for $139 per person plus tax and service.

For reservations, please contact the restaurant directly.

Field & Main Restaurant
8369 W. Main Street
Marshall, VA 20115

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