Journal | Follow the 2018 Harvest | September 15, 2018

Hardscrabble Journal

Plan B

Yesterday we walked the vineyards, tasted grapes, gathered samples, and ran lab tests for the red grapes. And as has become our hourly ritual, we checked the weather forecast.

We then decided to buck up and face the music.

Making good red wine this year will be elusive at best, even with a dramatic shift in weather patterns. The clusters miraculously still look healthy and the flavors are evolving slowly, but there is a lack of concentration that will not lend itself to fine red wine. These grapes are begging to become Rosé and we will grant them their wish.

Today we will pick the majority of Boisseau Vineyard for Rosé. Next week we start on Avenius and Hardscrabble. In each vineyard we will leave a small portion of the best parcels to hang on the vine. “Hope springs eternal in every human beast.”

Emotionally we are all doing better now that the decision has been made. Our driving force for doing what we do is to make great wine. 2018 has decided otherwise, and as farmers we have to accept this. Our “Agricultural Art” form includes forces out of our control.

Somehow now, past vintages taste even better. Jonathan brought up a sample of the 2017 Hardscrabble Chardonnay from barrel. Inspirational.

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